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The Biovision Farmer Communication Programme and Biovision Africa Trust has received video recording equipment from Access Agriculture and can now communicate across all media channels. The programme, which is supported by Biovision Foundation, has been communicating via TOF Magazine, TOF Radio, Outreach and Infonet and can now add videos to its tools for disseminating knowledge to farmers.

Top Farmer Story

Young people in schools are taking steps to combat hunger, enhance food security and improve rural livelihoods across the African continent.

Retired Senior Chief Josiah Arende Ngoje and his wife Mary Auma Ngoje incur very small cost in producing feed for their dairy cattle. The couple has been reading The Organic Farmer magazine (TOF) for the last 10 years. Using innovative ways Of collecting and preserving maize and rice stalks, they have succeeded in their dairy farming enterprise.