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Biovision FCP

The Biovision Farmer Communication Programme (FCP) was established with support from Biovision Foundation of Switzerland and icipe of Nairobi Kenya. FCP words towards towards improving the lives of smallholder farmers and their families in Africa by supporting the dissemination and systematic application of scientifically and practically validated information and knowledge to achieve positive changes in incomes, health, nutrition and environmental stability.

Vision: Food secure and healthy farming communities with adequate nutrition and incomes for sustained livelihoods.

Mission: To enable smallholder farmers access and utilize information on ecologically sustainable agriculture through integrated communication channels.

Goal: To promote access to and use of information on ecologically sustainable agriculture by at least 2 million farmers in East Africa to improve agricultural production, nutrition and income by 2018.

The program provides information on sustainable agriculture innovation and practices with potential to improve economic profitability, stewardship of natural resources and quality livelihoods.

RCP provides well researched and validated information in four interrelated thematic areas of ecological development;

  • Animal Health
  • Plant Health
  • Human Health
  • Environment Health

The program uses various communication pathways to reach farmers and they include: Print (The Organic Farmer and Mkulima Mbunifu magazines), Broadcast (TOF and MkM radios), Electronic media (web-based knowledge database, mobile phone and computer applicatons), and field outreach services.